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Welcome at my website!
My name is Ans Werker and I was born 24-1-1948 in Amsterdam.
Since 1980 I have lived in Hoorn, the Netherlands.

From early age on there was the interest in drawing, painting and being creative. I took many courses like model painting and graphic techniques

In January 2002 I came in contact with doll making.

At first I sculpted real-size babies and I wrote a book about sculpting these babies.
My sculpted babies became smaller and smaller and I soon I also started to sculpt fantasy and character dolls out of polymerclay.

The last couple of years I started to draw and paint again and took several online courses in botanical drawing and painting.

In 2014 I started a course in fine art oilpainting. The Old Masters technique.
You can read all about it at

I like to introduce "Rose" to you. She is very special to me.

It took 3 months to sculpt her out of clay that dries by air. It was such a challenge!

She is life-size and when I hold her in my arms it feels just like a real baby.

After sculpting "Rose" I started to experiment with clays you can bake in your oven. These polymerclays offer more possibilities.

I started to sculpt smaller and smaller baby-dolls, like these two: only 5.6 inch.

Fullsculpt baby
This time I sculpted a doll of 13cm/4.4" curled up.

These are a couple of faces that I sculpted. On the left a mermaid and the others are characterdolls. You will find bigger and detailed photos of them at my page: fantasy gallery

.In 2014 I started a new adventure: painting fine art with oil paint.
I found a great tutor:
Monique Eysink who lives nearby and after 30 lessons I completed some paintings.
Fine art painting or also called: "Old Masters Technique" is a very slow process.
Layers and layers of paint are added and the result is so vribant and colourfull. I love it.6
I show you 2 finished paintings and while painting I made some photos of the painting process so you can see how a painting is started and some of the next steps. In real the number of layers of paint are many more.

The first painting is the flower of a hydreanga shrub and the next painting and the step by step is of a still life.

At my blog: you will find many more pictures of my paintings and the paintingprocess

I also work on commission to draw portraits of people and pets.

This is my latest commission:
Father and his two sons
in pastel.


At my MY BLOG you can see more drawings and paintings

And these lovely children are also commissions.

I drew them for their grandmothers.

I show you in a tutorial step by step how I have made one of the faces I sculpted. It is the face of my first angel.
I even sculpted the eyes and I also show you how I did that.

In my tutorial I also show you how I made the armature and cloth body.

So please take a look.

From the first steps to the finished head.

Each head is a real adventure.

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