DBGL Translation

How to get started

DBGL has support for multiple languages, and with your help maybe even more languages will be available! Follow these steps:

How to test

When you want to test your hard work, just start DBGL and observe the beauty.

There is one catch though; If you had to use special characters in your translation, outside of the ASC-II character set (such as when writing Chinese), your file has to be converted first. Sun Oracle provides a tool called native2ascii to do just that. Usage instructions can be found here. The tool is part of the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) wich you can find here. DBGL can only use the converted file, so it would probably be wise to rename your original file first, and output to a file named 'MessagesBundle_xx.properties'. The conversion can also be performed using the form on this website, where you can simply copy-paste your content with special characters in the leftmost form field, and the converted text will be displayed on the right side.

You can also ask me to perform the conversion for you.

How to make everybody happy

When you think it all looks OK, please send me your translated file so I can provide it to other users. Thank you!

If you need help, just send me an email !