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Version Release date Size Documentation
5.0RC2 English / Dutch
German language pack
French language pack
November 2005 1149 Kb Readme (v4.60)
4.60 English / Dutch October 2003 734 Kb Readme
4.54 English / Dutch June 1999 733 Kb Readme
4.00 English / Dutch January 1997 534 Kb  
3.01 English May 1995 173 Kb  
3.01 Dutch May 1995 162 Kb  

OpenDos users that want to install version 4.xx require the following patch (see Q12 in the FAQ). Simply download the main package above, and then overwrite the installation batchfile with the one in this archive.

Please remember that Access is freeware. Feel free to copy it to all your friends. No limitations, no registration, no fee, no nothing.