Frequently Asked Questions

Q01   I have a computer with an Intel 80x86 processor. What Access version do you recommend?
    Please read the 'features' section.
Q02   Is there any chance that that will be password protection in the next Access release?
    Yes, the next version will indeed have password protection, although I do not really see how you could ever have secure protection when the operation system itself has no support whatsoever... ;-)
Q03   On installation / execution of Access I receive a message stating something like "(S)VGA not detected". What should I do?
    Please try the latest release (5.0 and/or 4.60) first. If it doesn't work, check whether earlier versions work, since they are demanding less from the video card. If you are absolutely sure that your graphics adapter should be able to support the video mode that Access uses, you may try to run a vesa TSR or a program like Scitech Display Doctor (A.K.A. univbe) to solve the problems.
Q04   I get garbage all over the screen when running Access!
    See Q03.
Q05   What is that rotating CSI logo? It's flickering badly on my machine!
    I know, it will be removed. UPDATE: as of version 4.60, you can disable the logo in XXSetup! 5.0 Doesn't have it at all.
Q06   Can I have the original source code?
    Of course, just send me an e-mail.
Q07   I have just downloaded Access, which had a '.html' extension. What should I do now?
    That should have been a '.zip' extension. Try renaming the file, perform the download again or use a different browser.
Q08   Can I add .icos to the list, so I can choose my own icons for my applications / games?
    Yes, use the program mentioned in readme.txt, or wait for the next Access release where it will be integrated inside the menu program.
Q09   Can Access be run on a compact disc?
    Yes, it should be possible. Remember to correctly configure Access to run in read-only mode though, using xxsetup.
Q10   Where is the clock? There is no clock on my screen!
    Oops, I knew there was something missing in the last release :-) A clock will return in the future, for now, your clock on the wall will have to do, sorry.
Q11   It would be nice if Access supported environment variables such as %mydirectory%. Any hope?
    Definitely. I will do my best.
Q12   I have trouble installing Access using DR-DOS (OpenDos), the message "Command or filename not recognized" is shown. What's going on?
    Although close, DR-DOS it not so 100% MS-DOS compatible as the makers claim it to be. The problem lies inside the batch installation file (_xx_inst.bat). You can download a rewritten _xx_inst.bat here, which should solve the problems. Please let me know if there are any other OS related problems.
Q13   What about Y2K compliance?
    No problems that I know of.
Q14   Could you please write a Hebrew / Turkish / Russian / whatever Access variant?
    Nope, simply because I lack the abily to. But if you can (and are willing to) translate from English, please let me know and we can see what can be achieved. German and French translations are available, see the news section.
Q15   Do you think small kids can figure out how to use Access?
    Yes, most can, especially when using appropriate icons for the programs.
Q16   If an application is opened using Access and then quit, does Access startup again, or does it exit to dos?
    Access returns to your screen.
Q17   Will specific network features ever be added, such as drive-mapping?
    Sorry, no. I do not consider that a task for a simple menu program.
Q18   I want to make a screenshot of my Access desktop. How do I do that?
    Just press $ (Dollar sign) in the main screen.
Q19   When adding icons to Access' library, the colours come out all wrong / strange. Am I doing something wrong?
    No, it is the limitation of the 8bit graphics mode. The colours of the icons have to be altered to make them look correct in this mode. The next Access version will have (much) better icon support, and icons should look better then.
Q20   When starting Access, it tells me that I do not have enough available XMS memory to run it. Access suggests installing himem.sys to config.sys or using memmaker for memory optimalisation. What is all this?
    The easiest thing for you to do is to upgrade to Access 5.0, or...

... to run MEMMAKER.EXE from your DOS prompt. Simply enter your dos directory (for example c:\dos) and type 'memmaker'. This program will optimize your memory usage and enable the use of the so called high-memory-area (HMA) and XMS memory. In case you're having troubles running memmaker, you can add himem.sys to your config.sys manually. Config.sys is a text-file located in the root of your harddisk, which can be edited by any text editor such as EDIT. By adding the following 2 lines to the top of your config.sys: 'DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS' and 'DOS=HIGH,UMB' the use of the HMA will be enabled, and you should be able to use Access. Finally, if it still doesn't work, you may try to use Access version 4.00 or 3.01, which are usable without any XMS.