The following features are shared by all Access versions.


The differences between the available versions are shown in the following table.

Version System Display Menu Configuration Archives Icons Screen-Saver CD-Player XMS Read-Only Mode (Use Access on CD) Splash Screen Colour Schemes
3.01 8086 and up Text Mode (80x25) Automatic Automatic Extraction              
4.00 80386 and up Graphics Mode 640x480x256 Manual   Supported Integrated & Editable Integrated Supported      
4.5x 80386, 80486 recommended Graphics Mode 800x600x256 Manual   Supported Integrated & Editable Integrated Supported Supported Optional Supported

Both version 4.00 and 4.5x use a graphics library from Zephyr Software that can recognize more than 20 different svga-adapters, and which has full VESA support. There's a good chance that your video-card is compatible. Both 4.00 and 4.5x come with more than 700 icons included, and you can add Windows .ico files to Access' icon library.