Access originates from somewhere near 1989. It was called SmartStart back then, but when Sierra started to use the same name, I decided to rename it to XX (pronounced Access).

Version 3.01 was the first version that I tried to spread, and it did find it's way to several BBS'. This version is non-graphical and works fine on a 8088! What's more, Access 3.01 was capable of extracting arj/zip/uc2-files completely automatically. And it scans your hard disk for software, using Create!

Version 4.00 was my first real attempt to get familiar with C++ programming and in particular graphics coding. Unfortunately, the idea to completely separate the Graphical User Interface from the actual program became clear to me only after I had finished it :-). So another rewrite was necessary, resulting in version 4.60, the latest release.

I've been receiving some interesting suggestions lately (thank you guys), and I think some of those are going to make it in the next release. To name a few: Password protection, shortcut buttons in the main screen and more...

Please let me know if you have some bright ideas.

What follows is an excerpt of history.txt, as you will find it on your harddisk after installation.