Terragen tutorial

0. Introduction

On this page you will find the tutorial that will guide you through all possible steps in making something with Terragen. You will learn to use Terragen v0.9.19 (download it here) and Terrascript v0.6.0 and higher (here, on this site). No other 2nd or 3rd party applications will be explained, maybe I'll upload some tutorials in the future about those, at this moment they are not there. Furthermore, you will not learn how to make prize-winning landscapes, you will only learn the methods with which you can. So far for preparation, on to the tutorial!

1. Downloading and installing Terragen.

  1. Go to http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/download.shtml
  2. Click on either "Terragen for Windows" or "Terragen for Macintosh" to download the version compatible with your computer.
  3. On the next page, choose either the 'Install Terragen vX.X.XX' or 'Install Terragen Update', depending on whether you already have an earlier version of Terragen installed or not.

  4. Terragen is now downloading. Depending on whether you're cool or not, the download will take between 1.5 seconds or 15 minutes (10M connection vs 28K8 modem)
  5. The download has completed (if failed: retry earlier steps). Run the program file that installs Terragen. This setup file is very well interpretable and easy to understand, so I presume no further comments or how-to's are required here. I further recommend you to install Terragen into the C:/program files/Terragen/ folder as I will be using this (default) folder in the rest of my tutorial.
  6. You have now successfully installed Terragen. Congratulations, you are one step further in becoming a better person. But now for the real work!