Terragen tutorial

2. Terragen: your first impression.

You may now press the magic button: start Terragen. A splash screen is showed, and Terragen is loaded. You immediately see the main window, which should be a big grey screen with the menus above:
World File   View   Terragen   Help
On the left of the screen, you can see seven buttons, each with just an image on it:
render controls windowlandscape windowwater windowcloudscape windowatmosphere windowlighting controls windowoutput image window
All of these buttons open different windows. The first button opens the render controls window, the second the landscape editing window, the third the water window, the one after that controls to change the clouds, the next the atmosphere and haze controls, the second last the lighting controls and sun movement controls and the last one opens the last rendered image so that you can look at it and possibly save it. We're going to walk through every window in the order that you would when making a scene, explaining every little detail even if you wouldn't use it, it's always good to know and it makes this tutorial an excellent terragen encyclopedia too for if you have forgotten what that button does. We're starting at the very front window displayed when starting Terragen: