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I'm a member of the International Friends of Speedskating (IFS) and also reading the international speedskating list.
Several articles on that list seemed to have more importance and therefore I collected them and put them on this page.
Most of the time other members of the list have written these articles and if I know who did, I'll mention it.

Background article on the skate OSCAR last update 2008
Background article on klapskate (Duncan Douglas; 10-05-1998)
Article of the inventors of the modern klapskate (Gerrit Jan van Ingen Schenau, Han Houdijk en Jos de Koning November 1997)
the new skate suit (6 October 1999)
History 400 m Ovals (by Ernst Berends) NED + ENGThe articles are not an exact translation (more info in Dutch version) (ing. Ernst Berends september 2000)see also: Ovals in Netherlands
IJsbaan Amsterdam 1934 by Ernst Berends november 2008
De Ingenieur Nr 2 / 1 februari 2002 with backgrounds on Thialf and SLC Olympic Oval (Ernst Berends)
De Poolster invitation in Dutch for skating collectors club by Robert Koorneef
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