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Overall organizations
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
International Speedskating Union (ISU)
Uniˇn Argentina de Patinadores de Velocidad (Argentina) SPA+ENG
Federatiˇn Argentina de patinaje sobre hielo (Argentina) SPA
Australian Amateur Ice Racing Council Inc. (Australia)
Ísterreichischer Eisschnelllauf Verband (Austria)
Koninklijke Belgische Snelschaats Federatie (Belgium) NED
Savez Klizackih Sportova Bosne i Hercegovine (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Bulgarian Skating Federation (Bulgaria) ENG
Canadian Amateur Speed Skating Association (Canada)
Federaciˇn Colombiana de Patinaje (Columbia) SPN
Chinese Skating Federation (China)
Chinese Taipei Speedskating Orginazation (Chinese Taipeh)
Ceskř svaz rychlobrusleni (Czechoslowakia) CZE+ENG
Hrvatskog KlizŔkog Saveza / Croation Skating Fedaration (Croatia) CRO+ENG
Dansk Sk°jte Union (Denmark)
Eesti Uisuliit (Estland)
Suomen Luisteluliitto (Finland) FIN+ENG
FÚdÚration Franšaise des Sports de Glace (France) direct to speedskating section FRA+ENG
Deutsche Eisschnellauf Gemeinschaft (Germany)
Hong Kong Skating Union Limited ???? (Hong Kong)
Hungarian National Skating Federation (Hungary) HUN+ENG
Israel Ice Skating Federation (IsraŰl)
Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio (Italy) directly to speedskating
Japan Skate Federation (Japan)
Korea Skating Union (South Korea) ROK+ENG
Latvijas SlidoÜanas Asociacija (Latvia)
Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage de Vitesse (Luxembourg)
Federacion Mexicana de Deportes Invernales, A.C. (Mexico)
Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaatsenrijders Bond (Netherlands) video on site
Ice Speed Skating New Zealand (New Zealand)
Northern Ireland Ice Speed Skating Association (Northern Ireland)
Norske Sk°yte Forbundet NOR+ENG (Norway)
Polski Zwiazek Lyzwiarstwa Szybkiego (Poland)
FederašŃo Portuguesa de Patinagem (Portugal)
Federatiei Romane de Patinaj (Romania)
The Russian Skating Union (Russia)
Association of Skating Sports of Serbia (Serbia)
Zveza Drsalnih Sportov Slovenije (Slovenia) SLO+ENG
Slovenskř rřchlokorculiarsky zvńz (Slowakia)
Federatiˇn Espa˝ola de Patinaje (Spain)
Svenska Skridskof÷rbundet(Sweden)
Schweizer Eislauf-Verband GER+FRA old GER+FRA+ENG (Switzerland)
Ukrainian Speed Skating Federation (Ukrain) UKR+URS+ENG
National Ice Skating Association (United Kingdom)
US Speedskating (USA) membership service

International Masters Speed Skating Committee
IMSSC German branch GER+ENG
IMSSC Dutch branch NED
RUS branch RUS
WchS 2002 Hamar
Masterscircuit Longtrackskating Netherlands NED
Italian masters
Masters 2006
Patinage de vitesse maitre FRA Canadian masters

Attention: you can find more in pictures, here only the ones dedicated to one event are mentioned, if this years event isn't yet mentioned, look at the links home page
Also look under general, for links other than that are mentioned in championship sections
Olympic Games
European Championships
World Championships
World Junior Championships
World Sprint Championships
World Single Distances Championships
World Cups
ISU results (Championships and Worldcups) and biographies
Jeroen Heijmans This is the site you're looking for!!! Full results of all major events, skaters biographies etc
Results of many major events in recent years by SCG
Results of some in Norway held competitions
International Games find all great games Different games info
Artic Winter Games 2008 Yellowknife CAN
Winteruniversiade 2009 Harbin, CHN
7th Asian Winter games Astana-Almaty (KAZ)
Olympic Games
I recommend Jeroen Heijmans site see General
International Olympic Committee find backgrounds, pictures and video's
Wikipedia on Olympics (ENG)
Stefan Darmoni Results of all Olympic events included a medal count
Links to OG related sites
relive olympics Games Bid index
Olympic winter games through the years
All kinds of stuff on Olympic games
results beginning from 1994
OG Nagano (1998)
OG Salt Lake City (2002) 8-24 February
OG Turin 2006 10-26 February 2006 ITA+ENG+FRA
OG Vancouver 2010 (CAN)
Sochi 2014 (Russia)
Olympics dreams
latest on 2018
Annecy 2018 (FRA)
Tromsø 2018 (NOR) ?
Gap 2018 (FRA)
Geneve 2018 (SUI)
Pyeongchang 2018 (ROK)
Santiago de Chile 2018 (CHI)
Almaty 2030
European Championships
Olympic bidding news
I recommend ISU and Jeroen Heijmans site see General
ECh 1998 Helsinki
ECh 2004 09-11 January, Heerenveen, Netherlands
ECh 2005 07-09 January, Heerenveen, Netherlands
ECh 2006 06-08 January, Hamar, Norway
ECh 2007 12-14 January, Collalbo, Italy
ECh 2008 11-13 January, Kolomna Rusland
ECh 2009 09-11 January, Heerenveen (NED)
ECh 2010 08-10 January, Hamar (NOR)
ECh 2011 07-09 January, Innsbruck (AUT)
World Championships
I recommend ISU and Jeroen Heijmans site see General
WCh 2002 15-17 March, Heerenveen, Netherlands pictures by Bjarte Hetland
WCh 2004 06-08 February, Hamar, Norway pictures
WCh 2005 04-06 February, Moscow, Russia pics by Linda vd Salm pictures by Bjarte Hetland
WCh 2006 11-12 March, Calgary, Canada
WCh 2007 09-11 February, Heerenveen, Netherlands
WCh 2008 09-10 February, Berlin, Germany
WCh 2009 06-08 February, Hamar, Norway Kjell almost live pics
WCh 2010 20-21 March, Heerenveen, Netherlands
WCh 2011 11-13 February, Calgary, Canada
World Junior Championships
I recommend ISU and Jeroen Heijmans site see General
WCh Junior 2004 20-22 February, Roseville, USA
WCh Junior 2005 18-20 February, Seinajoki, Finland
WCh Junior 2006 10-12 March, Erfurt, Germany
WCh Junior 2007 23-25 February, Innsbruck, Austria
WCh Junior 2008 22-24 February, Changchun, China
WCh Junior 2009 20-22 February, Zakopane, Poland
WCh Junior 2010 12-14 March, Moscow, Russia
WCh Junior 2011 25-27 February, Seinńjoki, Finland
World Sprint Championships
I recommend ISU and Jeroen Heijmans site see General
WCh Sprint 1999 Hamar pictures by Elisabeth Lockhart
WCh Sprint 2002 19-20 January, Hamar Pictures by Bjarte Hetland
WCh Sprint 2004 17-18 January, Nagano, Japan Pictures by PSU
WCh Sprint 2005 15-16 January, Salt Lake City, USA
WCh Sprint 2006 20-21 January, Heerenveen, Netherlands
WCh Sprint 2007 20-21 January, Hamar, Norway
WCh Sprint 2008 19-20 January, Heerenveen, Netherlands -replacing Helsinki
WCh Sprint 2009 17-18 January, Moscow, Russia
WCH Sprint 2010 23-24 January, Obihiro, Japan (was Helsinki)
WCH Sprint 2011 22-23 January, Heerenveen, Netherlands
World Single Distances Championships
I recommend ISU and Jeroen Heijmans site see General
WCSDistances 1998 Calgary
WCSDistances; since 2002 WCSD is no longer held in an olympic year
WCSDistances 2003 14-16 March, Berlin, Germany GER+ENG
WCSDistances 2004 05-07 March, Seoul (Taenung), South Korea
9th WCSDistances 2005 04-06 March, Inzell, Germany qualifiers for the WCSD
10th WCSDistances 2007 08-11 March, Salt Lake City, USA
11th WCSDistances 2008 06-09 March, Nagano, Japan
12th WCSDistances 2009 13-15 March, Richmond (Vancouver), Canada
13th WCSDistances 2011 17-20 March, Inzell, Germany
World Cup
I recommend ISU and Jeroen Heijmans or SCG site see General
SCG results worldcup from 1999/2000 season
Essent World Cup site
World Cup Skating NED

General information
International Skating Calendar
NOS teletekst make your choice here
Special Olympics
Regional events
Arctic Winter Games 2006
Universiade 17-27 jan. 2007 Torino (ITA)
Universiade 2009 Harbin (CHN)
Universiade 2011 Erzurum (TUR)
5th Asian winter Games
6th Winter Asian Games
National Championships
Japan NCH 2005
German NCH 2005
Sorted by country
Canada Games 2003
Outdoor events on natural ice
Dutch Classics
Kleine banen toernooi NED
Kraantje Lek NED
Nederlands Pupillen Toernooi
Viking race NED
Volharding Bokaal 2e NED
De schnńllst Zurischlifshue SUI

Look also on other pages for sign. Also Ovals page might be a good start
Find a lot of results on ISU results (Championships and Worldcups) and biographies

Skating world records
NOR SF Direct links to resultpages
JPN SF official results
Result pages of DESG from all over the world
Recent results/news
Jeroen Heijmans Olympic and championship results
Club wedstrijden groep 1 NED
Pieter Willem de Haan weblog with skating results
Karl-Heinz Heckert Sport-komplett -choose Eisschnellaufen- every championship and record to be found here GER
Ane Koopmans Results from Thialf Heerenveen NED
Aleksandr Kuznetsov News from Russia RUS+ PARTLY ENG
Frank den Blanken
Jojanneke van den Bosch one of the makers of skatepodium
Hak een wak Coen Wesselman NED
Geir Nesset results from mid Norway
Baikal scans by Jevgenij "Zhenya" Novikov
Kenji Takai PSU speed skaters network is a news page of Japanese domestic competitions JAP
Skate off NED FRA+ENG
Ties Wielinga news Dutch gewest Noord Holland Utrecht and himself also junior results NED
Worldrecords also on other disciplines like rollerskating
W53rdstreet Japanese news
Qualifiers for Olympics, maintained during the season by Marcel Warnaar
Recent results/news on professional sites
OSTA All results of dutch skaters from 1993
SARA lijsten
Skateraid many results from Canada
Cyberscoreboard mainly shorttrack
Hego timing results from events in NOR, some texts in ENG
NOC*NSF Dutch Olympic Committee and Sports Fedaration
NOS sport; only skating
NOS teletekst make your choice here
Headliner first lines Dutch papers about skating NED
NRK skoyter NOR
Paella championship numbers 1-3 and worldrecords
Aegon fan site
Russian news RUS
Sanex The Dutch skatingsite NED
Schaatsen weblog NED
Skatepodium new site also with videoitems
Slam Sports Canadian results to be found here
Sport One
Sport1 GER
Sport Computer Graphics with the results of big events
Sportschau GER
Sportweb NED
Sportdreams news NED
some results find the Ard Schenk award winners here
The Sports
Universal Sports
Yahoo sport GER GER
Older results: see also under Championships
Kortebaan results in 1963 NED
Einar Nods written results from 1971
Adam Iwaniszyn put some older Polish results on his website
Find some old results on B. van Asperen site
Finsen, Lars E. All kind of records: lowland, senior, Olympic and all sorts of curiosa NOR
Jelle Kok first three of major championships till 2001
de Schaatssite
World hour record Henk Angenent
Older Japenese results

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All time best skaters
Personal records Dutch skaters
Dutch Adelskalenderen and Alltime Distances Lists for Men and Women by Frans van Bakel, Vincent van Lierop, Evert van Wijk and Paul Schl÷sser. Much more nice statistics NED
IFS Rankings Which skaters are the best over the whole season by Marcel Warnaar and Remco Knooihuizen
Skatebase Adelskalendern, Oval records etc. very good by Michiel Jansen, Dick Broer en Leo van Lierop ??? 06-11-08
Ivo van Bommel World All Time Personal Bbest
Ron Broersma International Ice Speedskating Statistics: Season Rankings per distance, Overviews per skater, Rankings per distance/country, samalogs, results, stories and cool links
Jakub Majerski Speedskating Database over 1500 listings per ranking
Paul Hanlin jr. Speedskating Central; USA, (junior) statistics and skate100
Terje B.Hansen Male speedskating statistics
J.M.A.Hermans Skategraphics
Rene van Kleef from 99/00 till now: world rankings, with nice feature to see the differences between two rankings also one hour records
Einar Nodland 1965-1972 notes with laptimes of big tournaments
Shigeru's worldage class and highest rinks
Evert Stenlund statistics on Adelskalendern, speedskating heroes from past and present
Kees de Vroege analyses of several long distances
Infostrada sports choose ourcompany/newsletters, products and services is also interesting NED+ENG
Herman de Wael Statistics about Olympics beyond belief
Guinness book several facts
Highest rinks and records
Marcel Warnaar worldrecords altitude corrected
Qualifiers for the Olympics maintained by Marcel Warnaar
Westlandse skatingrecords
Excel-fill in forms for races by Kees de Vroege to analyze results
Calculate your laptimes
Fill in forms
Fillin lists
Reitse Eskens Help for hart rhythm, trainingsdiary, average speed calculator
speedup manager

Oscar statuetten The place were they are awarded
List of winners
Oscar winners list

Speedskating World ENG now as internet resource
Sk°ytesport NOR
Speedskating World
Schaats Magazine NED
FaSST Fitness and Speed Skating Times magazine
Papers on internet
VG sk°yter NOR
Dagbladet sk°yter NOR
Aftenposten NOR
Dutch papers NED All Dutch papers headlines and links
De Telegraaf NED
People daily Chinese news
Rocky Mountain news
Skins ans Suits

Kevin Barnard about own skatingadventures
Ward-Jop Boersma
Pelle Cronholm SWE about tourskating in Sweden
Pauline Cuijpers NED
Lange baan Schaatsen en Sprinten
Reitse Eskens NED
Kazuo Gomi
Ken Ita Rinks, records JAP
Roman Konera Polish information POL+ENG
Alfred Knikker
Remco Knooihuizen rink abbreviations, links to newspapers over the world
Rob Kramer & Stephanie's Adventures
Annet Lenderink sport and sportpsychics NED
Einar Nodland NOR
Matsuzu World JAP
Linda vd Salm weblog
T. Sekine's homepage JAP
Shigeru JAP
Caroline van Staaveren skate poems and -songs, links (this site)
Krister Valtonen Swedisch tourskating, and outdated maps SWE
Bas van Wijk

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