Speedskating on Oude Waal picture by Ernst Berends

Welcome to my pages dear skating fans

My interest in speedskating made me make this website. I started with some links I liked myself. Then I thought I might put them on hte internet, so that everybody could share. And that is what I still do today. I feel enriched by the contacts I made through making this page. Sometimes about sharing links, sometimes how to built a webpage, and other times helping to find the way through the immense amout of links the website contains today. Through times there are so many links that it is hard to keep it up to date, so keep me informed if you know a page is changed. I sometimes speak with people who think this is done by several people or by a company, none of it is true. I'm just a speedskating fan working on this page in my spare time. I hope you enjoy!

I'm a member of the international speedskating list. If there is something of interest there and I think it is hard to find elsewhere: I put it on my pages and I hope it will serve you too. I've put some articles earlier published on the skatelist in my articles section of the page. I was always looking for the information published there (klapskate, Oscar, artificial icerinks and more). I also collect skating related philatelic items, if you are interested in sharing knowledge about it: Please contact me. I'm currently making my cataloque about stamps, cancels FDC's etc. all about speedskating.

If you don't want something published on the poetry and songs pages please contact me. If you have poetry about speed skating you like to share: please contact me too.

Greetings and happy skating,


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