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Glass, Paintings and Stone sculptures

Also info workshops

The Dutch painter/sculpture Rolinka van Zuiden- Herlaar (1964) is painting for more than twenty years. During this time she has been experimenting with a lot of different styles and materials. Finally this brought forward a series of oil-paintings, in which the leading theme was nature in all it's beauty. Most of all she was interested in rare animals, or  the prints found on them. It shows that modern art was already there long before this millennium! Last years she got more and more success with the colorful and bright works which were inspired by child-drawings and the stained-glass-art. With these works she has had expositions in and around Haarlem, like for example Gallery Annee, Kunst 2001 and Art-Yard, and the Mark Keppel Gallery but also Gallery de Vink Utrecht e.a.

Also shown in this website are her Sculptures which are most made of a warm-brown natural stones but also white albast and serpentine. They are well-sold and shown a lot of different places too. Especially "The heavenly kiss that mend my broken heart" got al lot of attention. 

She has been on t.v. in okt 2005 in a program about angels, where she tells how  her making of art is changed since she experienced in a certain period of her life that she is not alone after all and that God likes to be involved in even her being creative. 

In okt. 2007 she opens her own gallery IJmuiden!!  There you can also see some of her latest work and combine it with a beautiful walk in the forest nearby that stretches out to sea and some of the most beautiful dunes around!!  If you want to stay informed about her work and expositions, than you can call: 0255 500106/ 0650605594 or you can send an E-mail to artrolinka@gmail.com  This Website will show you various works of Rolinka and give you prices exc. Taxes. You can also bring a visit to her gallery.  To see more go back to the main site and click here.         



 Workshop Sculpture-making every Tuesday-evening and Friday-afternoon a 25.

Stones are available in different colors and are paid for at the lessons. (one kilo costs 1,5 euro)

5x costs 99

Painting and drawing same prices. Materials are partly available.  

Glass-fusing costs 90 euro for one day from 1100-1700 .You have to come back later to collect your piece of art.

The workshops are in little groups with around 5 to 8 people.

Let me know if you want more information or want to participate by

Phone: 0650605594 or

E-mail: artrolinka@gmail.com

I hope to see you!!

Rolinka van Zuiden