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[June 9, 2000] Latest news :

As everyone might have guessed, the TBS303 MkII production was very low last couple of months. This was caused by too little time on my side and very hard to get TBS303 components. The component delivery is slightly better now, but my spare time is still minuscule.
Because of this I've decided to introduce a TBS303 MkII kit for people having experience with soldering and stuff. The kit will be available in two versions.
1) A PCB with electronic components only, and
2) The same but including the enclosure and front panel.
Further details will come in the near future. I need a couple of months to set this kit stuff up. Keep watching this page so now and then.

I've updated the ordering page with some slightly changed prices. I had to increase the prices a bit for two reasons. At first some production parts are done externally now due to the lack of spare time I have at this moment, to do it myself entirely. And secondly, a couple of hard to get parts were subject to two price increments the last two months. I've kept the price increase of the TBS303 MkII to a minimum. I hope you understand the situation.

As promised in the enclosed TBS303 MkII owners manual, I've added some midi files with basslines in the 'Let's hear it!' section. This might be a nice start to experiment with.

Finally arrived! The first pictures of the production model MkII. The picture below gives you an idea of the frontpanel layout. The MkII is housed in the same heavy duty table top enclosure as the MkI, which is known as a well proven concept.

The TBS-303 is known to be one of the best TB-303* emulators available. See The Unofficial TB303 homepage or Kilo's Dance-Tech page Why.

Right now the production is running and there are quite some units are already delivered to the longest waiting 303 fans. The feedback we receive from the early MkII owners is very positive. Some of them have even ordered a second unit, and the MkII has also performed amazingly well at some live gigs already.

People who are on the TBS303 waitinglist for a while are encouraged to send me a message so now and then. This way I can filter out the persons who are really desperately interested in a unit. Ofcourse I will always respect the waitinglist order.

For some general information about the TBS303 MkII, jump to the TBS303 page. If you want to hear some audio action of our baby, check this place out.

Please keep in mind that since I'm a full time electronics engineer, developing and building the TBS303 is a HOBBY of mine. So actually I can only spend my minuscule free time to the TBS303 and other stuff. Because of this, the TBS303 will always be an 'underground' machine, instead of a commercial product.

For questions, comments or suggestions please mail me.

* TB303 is a trademark of the Roland Corporation

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