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More High quality Videos, Slide shows and Photo reports 2004 till 2015 lower on this page.

Ashford 2014

Ashford 2013

Nr2 Lassi Nurila (Fin.) Nr1 Marco Benincasa (It.) Nr3 Derk van der Vecht (Ned.)

Sivry 2011

VIDEO: F3A Sivry 2010 - Flying lesson P-11 by (BPLR)-NEW

VIDEO: Pylon Race Bradford (GB) 6 dec. 2009

Photo & VIDEO report: World Air Games 2009 Torino 96MB -NEW
WAG 2009 part One You Tube
WAG 2009 part Two You Tube

WAG 2009 6 min.! Demo flight by Derk van der Vecht ---- Music is my first love - John Miles ---- click on HD!

WAG 2009 2 min.! Semi final flight by Derk van der Vecht. click on HD!


NEW- Review of Wall-Halla.NL by Donatas

VIDEO: (1) Wall-Halla.NL Opening Jeroen & Bert (NL) -You Tube
VIDEO: (2) Wall-Halla.NL Aeromusical Dennis Horn (D)
VIDEO: (3) Wall-Halla.NL Rogallos Peter & Niek (NL)
VIDEO: (4) Wall-Halla.NL Aeromusical Ian Watson (GB)
VIDEO: (5) Wall-Halla.NL Live Medley Gitaramas & Derk (NL)
VIDEO: (6) Wall-Halla.NL Truck-Race & Gitaramas (D)
VIDEO: (7) Wall-Halla.NL Live 3D Show Gitaramas & Donatas (LT)
VIDEO: (8) Wall-Halla.NL The Air-Race (Finals)-You Tube
VIDEO: (9) Wall-Halla.NL Experimental & Little Airplanes
VIDEO: (10) Wall-Halla.NL Live 3D-Heli-Demo Bas de Groot (NL)
VIDEO: (11) Wall-Halla.NL Aeromusical Andres Leoni (Spain)


Dutch Poster of Indoor Gala Wall-Halla.nl
Click on Photo for more info (Dutch)


Ten pictures of the "Crazy" Dutch Jetcat Team (1999-2002)

Dutch Jetcat Team is a USERGROUP of JET CAT miniature gas turbines.

Dutch Jetcat Team at Nyverdal 2002.

Swallow & JetCat P-120; Dick v/d Vecht.

Kangaroo & Jet Cat P-80; Dick v/d Vecht.

Kangaroo & Jet Cat P-80; Jan van Dijk.

F-15 & Jet Cat P-80; Roeland Cornet.

F-15 cockpit {LED's behind instruments).

QT-33 & Jet Cat P-80; Dick v/d Vecht.

QT-33 Note: 2x800cc fuel in tip tanks!

Gnat & Lehner 15/15/12T 4S1P Lipo.

Helchteren Jet meetings (Belgium)

F-15 with Lt.Glenn Powers. (Action figure).

Click on logo (Photo report) jet meeting Helchteren.

Click on logo (Photo report) jet meeting Helchteren.

Click on logo (Photo report) jet meeting Helchteren.

Click on logo (Photo report) jet meeting Helchteren.

Videos and Photo reports Meetings 2002-2003.

Videos low quality
Photo reports
Video: SAL-HLG start 16sec. 400kB
Video: VTOL start IFO 8sec. 366kB
Video: Brievenbus IFO 9sec. 874kB
Video: Derk torquen 11sec. 997kB
(Photo report) Electro meeting Winsen 2002.
(Photo report) Köln-Porz jetmeeting 2002.
(Photo report) Rozenburg jetmeeting 2002.
(Photo report) Indoor Brabanthallen 2002.
(Photo report) Indoor Leiden 2002.
(Photo report) LiPo soldeer cursus 2003. (Tutorial-Dutch)

Videos, Slide shows and Photo reports Meetings 2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010

Outdoor Videos high quality
Indoor Videos high quality
VIDEO: Swallow DH-108
VIDEO: Jet flight Kangaroo
VIDEO: SU-35 with thrust vectoring
VIDEO: Shockflyer Superstar in the wind
VIDEO: HLC Recreade 2005.(Turbo prop)
VIDEO: 3W Xtra-Fun in the clouds
VIDEO: First flight Extra 300 (Didier)
VIDEO: Rocket plane! (Jan de Leeuw)
VIDEO: Extra Smoke! (Michel Schurink)
VIDEO: 1 Mei 2005 helimeeting
VIDEO: SU-37 Berkut
VIDEO: EDF with thrustvectoring
VIDEO: Hydrofoam testflight
VIDEO: Quiet Storm in -10C.(Derk)
VIDEO: Prodigy 3D in -10C.(Didier)
VIDEO: Eco-8 Autorotation.(Bert & Derk)
VIDEO: Jet Cat P-160 Kero Start-Up
VIDEO: Outdoor AM test (Derk)
VIDEO: Outdoor Freestyle (Derk)
VIDEO: Funtana Shit! (Derk)
VIDEO: Test flight Acromaster (Derk)
VIDEO: Cessna 172 350cm!(Frans van Gaalen)
VIDEO: Funtana Venray (Derk)
VIDEO: Funtana Queen (Derk)
VIDEO: New outdoor AM [Sunset] (Derk)
VIDEO: Test-flying 1:5 scale F-16 Marijn Penninx (Derk)
VIDEO: Extra 330S 2,60 m Wim Verwoert (Derk)
VIDEO: 3W Xtra-fun 230 cm (Didier)
VIDEO: F3A novice (RC-3) (Derk)
VIDEO: Free style "Lithium" (Derk)
VIDEO: Testflight Nr.11 F-16 Marijn Penninx (Derk)
VIDEO: Funtana with 2x JR-8715 on aileron (Derk)
VIDEO: Funtana outdoor aeromusical (Derk)
VIDEO: Test run 4kW EDF F-104 (Rene Boerlage)
VIDEO: F3A training Prestige (Derk)
VIDEO: F3A training Integral (Derk)
VIDEO: Free style Integral (Derk)
VIDEO: F3A P07 Integral [live sound + info] (Derk)
VIDEO: F3A-B/C at Oss
VIDEO: F3A P09 [info+ K factor] (Derk)
VIDEO: F3A-B program [info=Dutch] (Derk)
VIDEO: F16-Phase3 [inflight-CAM] (Derk)
VIDEO: Stall-Turn (Tutorial)
VIDEO: Spin (Tutorial)
VIDEO: Snap-Roll (Tutorial)
VIDEO: Field testing FlyCamOne2 (Derk)
VIDEO: Brownbear Septa 162 (Dick v/d Veldt)
VIDEO: Big Dakota (Frans van Gaalen & Derk)
VIDEO: F-16 high alpha (Derk)
VIDEO: 2xHeli demo Bell-222 (David & Emile)
VIDEO: F3A F09 [info+ K factor] (Derk)
VIDEO: Park Master is a Wild Thing (Derk & Jeroen)
VIDEO: Flame out Swallow DH-108 (Derk)
VIDEO: Park Master with swing nose (Derk)
VIDEO: Nr.1 at E.C.-2008 F3A with P-09 (CPLR)
VIDEO: Scorpion Jet with smoke (Roland Scheurwater)
VIDEO: Elan Jet (Didier)
VIDEO: Elan Jet HLC field (Didier)
VIDEO: Sukhoi-29 (Derk)
VIDEO: Didiers Park Master (Donatas)
VIDEO: EDF F-16 with LEDs AB (Koen Splinter)
VIDEO: Airworld SU-31 - MOKI-250cc (Jan Bruinier)
VIDEO: Scorpion now with AMT Olympus 23 kg Thrust!! (Roland Scheurwater)
VIDEO: 3D-Heli-Demo (Bas de Groot)
VIDEO: First Flights Ultra Lightning (Peter-Jan & Didier)
VIDEO: Proposal F3A-b program Dutch (Derk)
VIDEO: Free style with Miss Wind 50E (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Free style Kalinka with Miss Wind (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Miss Wind 4x Aileron brake (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Weimo Extra span 380 cm (John)-NEW
VIDEO: Weimo Extra-260 (John)-NEW
VIDEO: F9F Phanter (Leon)-NEW
VIDEO: F3A Rozendaal with P-11 (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: Ultra Lightning now with AMT Olympus (Didier)-NEW
VIDEO: F3A Sivry 2010 - Flying lesson P-11 by (BPLR)-NEW
VIDEO: Scorpion with AMT Olympus (Roland Scheurwater)-NEW
VIDEO: ViperJet with Jet Cat P-120se (Didier)-NEW
VIDEO: Fly-in Nyverdal + Ultra Lightning (NVM)-NEW
VIDEO: Test flying Extra 3 meter at Rheidt (Willem & Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Float-plane Cessna 220 cm span at Oudendijk (Ernst & Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Batman (Ernst)-NEW
VIDEO: F16 World Jet Masters (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: 3D Heli & 3D plane (Bas & Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: F3A P-13 (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: Ducted Fan & Glider (Evert Jesse)-NEW
VIDEO: EHOD water flying (Ernst Disse)-NEW
VIDEO: Boot trip to Leiden -NEW
VIDEO: Battle of the Foamies, contest Aeromusical 2004.(Bert)
VIDEO: Flat Foamy Video Contest Aeromusical 2004.(Derk)
VIDEO: Flat Foamy Video Contest Aeromusical 2005.(Derk 1st place)
VIDEO: Fokker DR1.(Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-a program [English].(Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-a program [Dutch].(Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-c program [Dutch].(Koen)
VIDEO: Practice Aeromusical 2006.(Derk)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Aalst 2006 Nr.3-2-1 (Benoit-Derk-Donatas)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Aalst 2006.(Bert)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Aalst 2006.(Didier)
VIDEO: F3P-a Mülheim 2006.(Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-c Rotterdam 2006.(Martijn)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Eschweiler 2006.(Martin Müller)
VIDEO: Aeromusical-show Eschweiler 2006.(Manuel Nübel)
VIDEO: F3P-a Eschweiler 2006.(Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-b Eschweiler 2006.(Robbin Grob)
VIDEO: 1st Aeromusical Eschweiler 2006.(Derk)
VIDEO: 3th Aeromusical Eschweiler 2006.(Derk)-[Indoorpapst]
VIDEO: F3P-a Eschweiler 2006.(Bert)
VIDEO: Demo Smoke Aeromusical Eschweiler 2006.(Bert)
VIDEO: F3P-a Dalfsen 2006.(Derk)
VIDEO: Indoor Yak-54 Outdoor [720x576].(Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-a Practice, Practice, Practice.(Derk)
VIDEO: Carvin 2006 F3P-a.(Derk)
VIDEO: Carvin 2006 Aeromusical.(Derk)
VIDEO: Carvin 2006 F3P-sport.(Koen)
VIDEO: Carvin 2006 F3P-a Clik! (David)
VIDEO: F3P-a with Yak-54! (Derk)
VIDEO: first flight Clik! (Derk)
VIDEO: Record F3P-a flight with Clik! Bleicherode (Derk)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Bleicherode Nr.1 with new Yak-54 (Derk)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Bleicherode Nr.2 with VPP (Martin Müller)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Bleicherode Nr.3 with Yak-54 (Bert)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Bleicherode Nr.4 with VPP Landing (Dennis Horn)
VIDEO: Aeromusical Bleicherode Nr.5 with mini Yak (Jan Feige)
VIDEO: Third F3P-b flight Bleicherode (Robbin Grob)
VIDEO: Demo Aeromusical Mannheim (Gernot Bruckmann)
VIDEO: Sukhoi 31D by Jeroen van Gog (Derk)
VIDEO: Synchro Flying Cup Kai-Karl-Martin Wall-Halla(3)
VIDEO: Synchro Flying Cup Markus-Dennis Wall-Halla(2)
VIDEO: Synchro Flying Cup Derk-Bert Wall-Halla(1)
VIDEO LINK: Wall-Halla 2007 Indoor Gala Show
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 Miniature Air-race
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 F3P-a First place with NEXUS (Derk)
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 F3P-a with Clik! (Bert)
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 F3P-a with Clik! (Jeroen)
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 F3P-Sport with Bling-Bling 2 (Marcel)
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 F3P-Sport with Bling-Bling 3 (Peter)
VIDEO: Carvin 2007 F3P-AM Aeromusical (Donatas)
VIDEO: T-REX versus Minimum! (Hoofddorp 2008)
VIDEO: Practice new Aeromusical 2008 (Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-Unknown Aalst/Moorsel 2008 (Derk)
VIDEO: F3P-Unknown Aalst/Moorsel 2008 (Matthew Poots)
VIDEO: Vapor livingroom flying (Derk)
VIDEO: Vapor livingroom flying [daylight](Derk)
VIDEO: Aeromusical 6 minutes!!(Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: F3P-A-2009 (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Helicopter Rave indoor 3D (Bas de Groot)-NEW
VIDEO: F3P-B-2009 (Niels Rijkhoff)-NEW
VIDEO: Practice F3P-final Wall-Halla.de-2009 (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Tow Tug 1 gram Glider (Marc Faulhaber)-NEW
VIDEO: Storyteller Fokker (Hans Nordsiek)-NEW
VIDEO: F3P-p13 DiSney (Ernst & Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: F3P DiSney Indoor German championship Bleicherode 2011 (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Beast AS3X & 80% DiSney AS3X (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: Hyper Taxi & Beast AS3X (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: F3P-f13 schedule DiSney (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: EIM-2011-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: SU-29 RC-Factory (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Aeromusical with DiSney (Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: DDT = DiSney Display Team (Ernst+Ton+Derk)-NEW
VIDEO: Aeromusical IITOP 2012 (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: F3P-AF-13 IITOP 2012 (Derk)-NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: 60% DiSney (Roeland & Andre)-NEW
VIDEO: prototype Miss Piggy in De Goorn-NEW
VIDEO: New F3P-C program Dortmund (Derk) -NEW
VIDEO: Circus festival 2014 (Derk & Bert) -NEW
VIDEO: Circus festival 2014 (Derk & Bert) -NEW-You Tube
VIDEO: Plasma (Derk)-NEW-You Tube

Slide Shows: with music
Photo reports
SLIDE SHOW: Jets over Pampa 2002 (PMF)
SLIDE SHOW: Summer Holiday 2003
SLIDE SHOW: Fouga Magister
SLIDE SHOW: Indoor Carvin 2005 (France)
SLIDE SHOW: 1st Dutch Indoor Markelo 2005
SLIDE SHOW: Indoor Aalst 2006 (Belgium)
SLIDE SHOW: Indoor Mülheim 2006 (Germany)
SLIDE SHOW: Indoor Carvin 2006 (France)
SLIDE SHOW: 1st Dutch Indoor Rotterdam 2006
SLIDE SHOW: 2nd Dutch Indoor Emmeloord 2006
SLIDE SHOW: 3th Dutch Indoor Alphen 2007
SLIDE SHOW: Final Dutch Indoor Markelo 2007
SLIDE SHOW: 2nd Dutch F3A-a Vlissingen 2007
SLIDE SHOW: Modeling Integral
SLIDE SHOW: Jet meeting Rozenburg EMCR 2010 -NEW
SLIDE SHOW: Jet Demo Middenmeer (Roeland - Derk & Anila) -NEW
SLIDE SHOW: Jets over Pampa 2010 (PMF) -NEW
SLIDE SHOW: IITOP - 2012 (France) -NEW
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2003 Rödinghausen
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2004 Graben-Neudorf
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2005 Burgdorf (Qualification)
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2005 Mannheim (Final)
Photo report: My new indoor planes 2005/2006/2007-NEW Clik! & NEXUS & YAK-54
Photo report: My new outdoor planes 2005/2006/2007-NEW Prestige & Integral
Photo report: Indoor Belgium championship 2006 Aalst
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2006 Mülheim (Qualification)
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2006 Eschweiler (Final)
Photo report: 2nd Dutch Indoor Rotterdam 2006
Photo report: 3th Dutch Indoor Dalfsen 2006 + Videos 14x
Photo report: Indoor German championship 2007 Bleicherode (Qualification)
Photo report: F3P aerobatic 2007 Mons
Photo report: F3A aerobatic Hainaut 2008 -NEW

Video Ultra Lightning Middenmeer

For AeroFly Pro Deluxe our outdoor flying field HLC made by: Kai Bodenröder.
Unzip hlc.zip in e.g. C:\afpdeluxe\scenery
Now you see in the scenery file 4 new files: HLC(=86MB!) HLC.geo(=1kB) HLC.bmp(=12kB) and HLClg.bmp(=192kB.
Go FLY and have FUN!

2 screenshots

Page: Derk van der Vecht.

Holiday-team (Bert-Derk-Dick) all with Astro 010 and 3S1P LiPo.(2003)

"Crazy" Dutch indoor pilots at indoormeeting Helchteren 2005.


The 52% Giles 202 from Wim Verwoert; Bert and Derk look in awe.(june 15 2006)


Click on Photo to see in widescreen 1680x1050
Derk van der Vecht national champion F3A 2007 with Integral, Plettenberg, FlightPower 5350mAh and Spektrum DX-7.

Click on Photo to see in widescreen 1680x841

Click on Photo to see in widescreen 1680x723

Click on Photo to see in widescreen 1680x870


Click on Photo to see in widescreen 1600x600

NEW-Video report 3th Dutch indoor championship at Creil. (123 MB!) Dutch TV VIDEO: F3P-Creil 2008 (omroepflevoland)-NEW

Click on Photo to see in widescreen 1600x600


New jets for 2010

New F3A plane for 2011

Stinger & Mega 16/7 6T; 3S1P FlightPower LiPo.

Aileron linkage Stinger.

Derk 2001.

Derk and Yvonne 1991 Muscat


The Dutch indoor F3P site. (Dutch)

The Dutch outdoor F3A site. (Dutch)

The official "Crazy" Dutch Jet Team site (English)

Homepage 3D-Daniël. (Dutch)

Homepage Martin Müller. (German)

Homepage Donatas Pauzuolis (English)

Site Jürgen Heilig (German)

Homepage Indoor Spain. (Spanish)



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