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Datsun Sivia 1980

This is the one and only site on the WWW about the legendary DATSUN SILVIA / 180SX
This car is also called the 200SX
This type of car was build in the years from 1979 until 1983.
First under the name 180SX and later under the name SILVIA.
I must say: it's the greatest car Nissan ever made.
And I'm the one who knows, because I had three of them.


The Datsun 180SX Silvia from Peter at the "Owners" link

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Nissan / datsun 180xs blue 1982

200sx keyhanger

Car comparison (feb. 1980)

  Datsun Silvia Toyota Celica 2000XT Ford Capri 1600 S Opel manta CC 2.0 E Berlinetta
Cylinder capacity  cm3 1770 1968 1593 1979
Power DIN - kW/rpm 68/5800 65/5000 65/5700 81/5400
Power  HorsePower/rpm 93/5800 89/5000 88/5700 110/5400
Torque  DIN-Nm/rpm 139/3600 145/3600 125/4000 159/3000

Acceleration 0-100 km/h  sec

12,8 12,9 13,8 11,1
Top speed km/h  sec 171 169 166 180
Length  cm 440 443 437 438
Width  cm 168 164 170 167
Weight  Kg 1090 1042 974 1070
Price  dutch guilder 21.300 21.745 20.567 24.703

gearbox     The SILVIA gearbox.

I'm very intrested in any kind of information about this car, especially the coupe version!
I prommis to show all the available info collected via this webpage.

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- - - New TopLevel information - - -

This is the one and only testreport made in The Netherlands.

Click here to see a small version (70Kb)
Click here to see a large version (377 Kb)

Print it out and hang it to the wall !
Again many thanks to the people from the dutch ANWB autokampioen
If you have a testreport yourself, please send it to me.

If you need some parts click on this link:

Datsun silvia / red
- the 1980 Datsun SILVIA  -
autokampioen coverautokampioencoverbig.jpg (8457 bytes)
This picture is from the cover of a Dutch car magazine called the "ANWB autokampioen"
1-7 febr. 1980 - nr.5 and costed that time 2 dutch guilder.
The Datsun SILVIA is competly tested by the people of this magazine and they reported all their experiences.
(later on more details from this great magazine)

There is not much space in the trunk.

Dimension of the suitcases.
1 = 54 x 38 x 17 cm (= 35 litre)
2 = 64 x 43 x 18 cm (= 50 litre)
3 = 74 x 54 x 20 cm (= 80 litre)

Theck out this great new E-mail group specialy dedicated to all the classic 200SX's from 1977 until 1988

Safety first!
Nissan Silvia / Datsun 180SX blue

Some original SILVIA logos:
Riped of the cars before I brought them to their final destiny (shame,shame!)
Datsun SILVIA logoDatsun 180SX logo
Datsun 180SX logo


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