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Antoine Trommelen (saxes, vocals)

Virtuoso, mainly seen on his old curved soprano sax, his beloved tenor sax and his cigar, Antoine has a rich musical history and a great future. He has a very distinctive style of playing and played with many great jazzcats like Tom Baker, Dan Barrett, George Probert, Bob Barnard, Denise Jannah and Pim Jacobs. He has won numerous prizes as a soloist and he has played at jazz festivals in Japan and throughout Europe. Among his recordings is a highly praised CD with Canadian pianist Andy Fielding. Recently Antoine has launched his own site.


Eelco van Velzen (trombone)

With his dynamic sound, that can be soft and warm and then roaring and screaming, Eelco is full of harmonic ideas. A brilliant soloist with skilled vituousity and a great 'team player'. Eelco has made numerous redordings with the legendary Down Town Jazzband and Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazzband. When his job as a university teacher in music business and his responsibilities as an enterpeneur in media&entertainment let him, he is playing all through Europe with Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazzband, the Revival Jass Band, the Reunion Jazzband (founded by retired members of the Dutch Swing College Band) and with many other 'all star groups' at various European jazz venues.


Frank Bilsen (banjo, scat vocals)

In an unusual line-up like 4WD the banjo is responsible for both rhythm and chords. Frank is a careful listener to the soloist in his tasteful accompanyments. As a soloist and scat vocalist himself, he is constantly crossing new musical borders. After working as a professional keyboard player in various orchestras worldwide, Frank currently makes his living as a composer (visit his website of 'The Music Lab').


Paul Habraken (sousaphone)

On his huge sousaphone Paul is a true magician. With the lyrical tone in his solos he captures every audience. The next minute he is playing as fast as a double bass, with an enormous swing. No wonder Paul is seen on many jazz-scenes. He has made many recordings and tours with his band "Aces of Syncopation".

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