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This is a site were you can download various voicepacks for UT2k4. I've made a couple myself, and i'm still busy with creating new voicepacks when i have the time.

You will not only see voicepacks made by me, but also from others and if you know a good voicepack that should be on this site just let me know.

If you create voicepacks and you want your voicepack here on this site, just send me a email with the url were the voicepack is located so i can download it and upload it to this site, also give a little descpition of your voicepack please. Click here to add your voicepack to this site.

If you have made a voicepack and you want to make a chance to have your own voicepack in the Community Voice Pack I, then visit this site. If you are interrested then dont forget to read the FAQ.

*Last update: 20-02-05