The final version of Action Half-Life has been released. The Action Half-Life team liked my maps so much that they included not 1 or 2 of my maps but 4! The following maps I made are included in Action Half-Life V1.









You can download Action Half-Life V1 here.




I have fineshed my car map, you can download the final version here.



I have fineshed my ahl_hbraid conversion, and will now start working on my car map again. You can download the final version of ahl_plexhbraid here.



Uhm I am really still alive, I have just been lazy again and have not updated my page recently. For any major mapping news, just check the AHL mapdepot at least once a week.
At least I keep that site updated :) .

After some small problems, I also have finnaly fineshed a alpha version of my car map. You can download the alpha 4 version here.
And on the moment I am lookin into the possibilty of giving the old ahl beta 4 map ahl_hbraid a faclift.



Uhm I am still alive, I have just been lazy and have not updated my page recently, but there was also not very much news to report. I am still working on my car map, but I have been more busy with the Ahl mapdepot then mapping. I also got a personal forum for my mapping stuff.



My worldcraft works again, I added to much textures wich crashed worldcraft. You probaly have noticed that Action Half-Life beta 5 has been released, wich includes my ahl_casagrande map, I hope you all like it. I still have not made any prefabs available, since I was busy with my new map, a city map with moving traffic.



Sadly my worldcraft decided to die on me, even reinstalling did not help. So I have to format before I can map again or I must try to use quark, but I can not do that or Banana would win :P Without a working worldcraft I can sadly also not add any prefabs.
On the positive side work at the mapdepot goes well, I added there some very good city textures you can download. And I am working on a beta 5 map preview site together with Skunk. I hope I can reveal it soon, becuase that means the release of ahl beta 5 is near, and that means you can all play ahl_casagrande soon!!



I am now part of the Ahlmapdepot  staff. I am going to help mostly with the real mapping side stuff, since almost no other Ahlmapdepot staff member actually maps.
Also my spain map got renamed again, it was first named spain then hacienda and now hopefully finnaly ahl_casagrande. The name was changed for PR reasons. I hope that I will have next time some real prefabs in my now empty prefabs section.


Happy New Year and welcome to my new page!

I would like to thank Section31 for making it, and in my next map you will find a weird secret that came right out of Section31 weird imagination. Be afraid be very afraid! There are some changes compared with my old page, I will put the prefabs I made up here very soon and for all released maps the download links will be redirected to
Ahlmaps  You can download there faster and it gives me more space on my own webspace for beta maps.

Now back to business as usual, I released the final version of ahl_plexharbour to the public. It sadly did not make the next version of ahl, but it is map of the week on
Ahlmaps , it seems Skunk liked it a lot, so go get it! But my spain map, renamed to ahl_hacienda did make the ahl b5 cut , so I am still happy :)


It is time for some testing input, you can get the latest alpha here: NOW! 

I like how the level plays and looks, except for the following 3 areas (the 3 pics). So please give me suggestions on how to make them better, or mabey they are not so bad after all.


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