Welcome to my homepage!

This site is devoted to my art, which were mostly based on: characters from the "Kazahana Family Mass Battle", characters from videogames, characters from cartoons/anime and on my own creations .

I hope you'll have a nice time browsing my site!


19-03-2006: Butterfly (Kazahana Fam. Mass Battle)
09-02-2006: KBP1 & KBP2, Hideo (Kazahana Fam. Mass Battle)
30-01-2006: A sketch of myself (Stepz' art)
24-01-2006: Kazahana Assassins (Kazahana Fam. Mass Battle)
18-01-2006: KBP1, KBP2, Hideo and Juusan art (Kazahana Fam. Mass Battle)
05-01-2006: Double drawing of KBP2 (Kazahana Fam. Mass Battle)