London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. A big, busy, dynamic city, be known as its history, ceremonial exhibitions and architecture. And even more well known are the restaurants, theatres, clubs and nightlife.

Live to see London in 1 day with these follow traveltips:

Travel a day beforehand to London and take care that you have enough energy to start one day London.

After breakfast, you're going on the street and seek the nearest sight-seeing bus.
A dayticket with tour map at The Big Bus Company costs 22 pounds for adults. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours. The bus starts to drive about 9.00 hours and it stops in the winter about 16.30 hours and in the summer about 19.00 hours. This company has 2 different routes who are indicated with a colour. You can hop-on and hop-off at different places. Every bus has a sticker with the colour of the route, so you know which bus you want. You get information in the bus from a guide or a tape, then you get a free earphone.

If you are travelling first to Trafalgar Square and there get out the bus, you can admire this square.
After that, hop on the bus and travel to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament with in the neighbourhood also London Eye and Westminster Abbey.
You can walk to the Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall who start at 11.00 hours and so you pass Downingstreet, where the Prime Minister lives.
After the parade, you can walk through St.James's Park or travel by bus to Buckingham Palace, maybe you can see something of the Changing of the Guard.
After that, it's time to have lunch.

After lunch you can take the bus to the Tower Bridge with the Tower of London. On the way you see a lot of London.
You can also take a free river-cruise across the river Thames with your Big Bus-ticket. You pass a lot of beautiful buildings with the boat, a guide is talking about them.
The end of the trip is near Big Ben, so you can take the bus there. Take care that you get out of the bus at Chinatown, on the end of the afternoon. Chinatown is east of Piccadilly Circus and now it's time for dinner.
Go after dinner to Piccadilly Circus, because it is most beautifulis after dark.
Of course you visit a pub at the end of the day, which are open till 23.00 hours.

These tips are alone to see the buildings outside, there is less time to visit for example the Tower of London inside, than you can maybe stay a day longer.
This route is also good to do for walking, but you can't visit the Tower of London and Tower bridge, because this a remote place, or buy a single trip for the bus or Underground.

If you make the conclusion to stay a day longer, it's a good idea to buy a one-day travelcard for the Underground.
Travel to station "South Kensington" and walk pass beautiful (free entrance) museums to the Royal Albert Hall and then walk pass Hyde Park to Harrods. Go into station "Knightbridge" and travel to the St.Paul's Cathedral, who you can see inside and climbing the dome.
After lunch it's time to go to Covent Garden, you can see there every day different street artists.
On behalf of too many people in the Underground on the end of the day it's nice to travel in a London taxi back to your hotel.

Of course there are many other sights of the city who you must see, such as Portobello Road Market and Camden Market.
There's too much to see in London!
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