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Bittorent Tutorials

Other Bittorrent guides and FAQ

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There are a lot of bittorrent clients today, below is a list of most of them.

Bittorrent Client or App Description
Bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent Official Bittorrent client
Azureus Java Bittorrent client
G3 Torrent  
Experimental Client  
Arctic Torrent  
Anatomic P2P  
Tomato Torrent Mac
Bits On Wheels Mac
Shareaza Bittorrent, Edonkey, FastTrack, Gnutella2 network
MLdonkey Bittorrent, Edonkey, FastTrack, Gnutella2 network
TrustyFiles Bittorrent, Edonkey, FastTrack, Gnutella2, more networks
Iswipe Bittorrent, Edonkey, FastTrack, Gnutella2, more networks
Bittorrent plugin for Edonkey Bittorrent plugin for Edonkey
Krypt.dyndns.org Maketorrent
Turbobt.com Out of date - not recommended
Snark Out of date - not recommended
TorrentFlux Out of date - not recommended
PTC Out of date - not recommended
FlashTorrent Out of date - not recommended
NovaTorrent Out of date - not recommended
Ctorrent Out of date - not recommended
Burst Out of date - not recommended
Btplusplus Out of date - not recommended
BitAnarch Out of date - not recommended

All these clients (bittorrent download programs) are well explained on their sites.


Downloading files with bittorrent

After you have installed a bittorrent client from the list above, go to btsites.tk and visit one of the many bittorrent download sites listed there.

When you find a file you want on one of those sites, click on the link to start downloading. Make sure that you pick a file that is seeded, meaning that at least 1 person has the complete file and is uploading it, this is usually displayed on the site/tracker you downloaded the .torrent file from).

Usually, after clicking the download link, your bittorrent client will start the torrent and you will start to download the file you want.

Alternatively, you may be asked if you want to open the (torrent) file or save it to disk. Opening the file will start your bittorrent client and your download, saving to disc will download the small .torrent file (= text file) to your computer where you can open it with your bittorrent client and start downloading the file you want, or keep the .torrent file for later use. Saving the torrent to disc is recommended, if you're not given a choice to either save or open the .torrent file, rightclick on the download link and then select 'save target as' and save the .torrent file to your computer that way.

Soon after you start to download, you'll start to upload the pieces of the file you've just downloaded (bittorrent cuts the file you download into 2 Mb pieces for better transfer of the files). Don't set your upload speed too low, but also not to high because this will interfere with your download speed. Set your uploadspeed 10% under your maximum upload speed for best results. The faster you upload to others, the faster others will upload to you, that's the way bittorrent works.

When you are finished downloading the file you want, don't close the torrent down but let it upload at least until you have uploaded as much as you have downloaded.


You have downloaded a 700 Mb movie, but your download speed is much higher than your upload speed so when you are finished downloading, you have only uploaded 200 Mb. Don't close the torrent down but keep it open and uploading until you have reached 700 Mb upload. This is very important to keep the torrent alive so more people can download it and seed it after you have uploaded your 700 Mb.



Bittorrent terminology

1. Seeder: Someone who makes the torrent, puts it on a tracker/website and uploads the file with bittorrent to the downloaders. Or someone who has completely downloaded a file and is now only uploading that file, this is called seeding.

2. Leecher: Someone who is downloading a file but hasn't finished it yet.

3. Reseed: If someone seeds a torrent again after they had already finished and closed it earlier. This is done when a torrent has leechers, but no seeder. It's a great way to help out the community. It reactivates the torrent so others can now finish their download and then seed.

If you want to reseed a file, just start the torrent again and download the file to the same directory on your PC where you have your complete copy. Bittorrent will then check your existing data, find that you already have the complete file and then you'll just upload (seed).

4. Tracker: An application run by a webmaster of a bittorrent site. It regulates the up and downloads of the torrents which use the tracker's announce url. Basically it keeps track of who has or needs a certain file, with that info the users bittorrent clients can connect to eachother and exhange data (download/upload files).

5. Announce url: The website address your bittorrent client uses to connect to a tracker in order to get peer data (ie. http://example.no-ip.com:6969/announce), when you make a torrent, make sure you use the announce url of the site you want to upload your torrent to.

6. Peer: Someone who is uploading and/or downloading a torrent (seeders and leechers).

7. Swarm: All the seeders and leechers on a single torrent.

8. Hit 'n run: Closing down your torrent immediatly after you finish your download, this is very selfish and can and will get you banned from many sites. To avoid getting banned, try to always seed to 1:1 ratio (upload as much MB as you have downloaded from a certain torrent) and keep uploading at least a few hours after you have completely finished downloading your file.

9. Torrent: Small text file that points to a certain tracker and a certain file for downloading with bittorrent.



Tips, info & tricks:

Resume download

If you pc or bittorrent client crashes in the middle of a download, don't worry, you can resume your download by restarting the torrent and downloading to the same folder on your pc as you did the first time. Your bittorrent client will then check the data you already have downloaded and resume where it stopped the last time.


Ignore the errors: 'failed to connect to tracker' and 'timed out' and alike, this is usually due to the tracker being very busy so your bittorrent client can't connect to the tracker, your bittorrent client will try to connect to the tracker every couple of minutes so wait a bit till it tried a couple of times (you can also try a manual announce, see below). Only worry if the error reads something like 'rejected...' or 'unknown' or when your download doesn't start at all, then you might have to look elsewhere for the file.

Manual announce

Trackers are usually very busy so sometimes your bittorrent client fails to connect to the tracker server, which gives an error. With the manual announce you can order your bittorrent client to connect to the tracker and get new peer information (it's a bit like the refresh button in Internet Explorer, dont use it unless you need it tho, it puts extra strain on the tracker). Look for the option in your client or on your clients website.

Tracker down

With a well-seeded torrent you only have to connect once to the tracker to get enough info on other peers to complete your download, so when a tracker goes down while you are downloading a torrent, dont close the torrent down because you have a very good chance of finishing it without the tracker's help. You can't (re)start a torrent when the tracker is down. (note that login/signup sites with ratio systems don't count your uploaded/downloaded Mb's when their tracker is down).

Distributed copies

Most torrent clients display the number of 'distributed copies'. When that number is above 1 it means that the complete file is distributed among the leechers. Now when there is no seeder for a file with more than 1 distributed copy, the leechers still can finish their download, because all the leechers together have all the parts to make the complete file so they can download these from each other and finish their download.

Downloading parts of a torrent

Sometimes you find a torrent with a collection of albums, tv episodes or apps. You however, only want one particular album, episode or app from that collection and not all of it. Most advanced clients (ie. Azureus, ABC, Bitcomet, Bittornado) have the option to select which file you want to download and which one you don't. In your client, find the list of files in the torrent, then select the files you don't want to download and tell your client not to download them, usually by rightclicking the file and setting the file's priority to 'do not download' (see your clients website for details if you can't find it). Hold Shift and use up/down arrows (or your mouse) to select multiple files)

Ratio systems

A lot of good sites use a ratio system to make sure that every member uploads at least as much as they have downloaded. Everyone is expected to try to maintain an upload/download ratio of 1:1, failing to do so will get you banned from that website. Read the website's Rules, some sites have other rules then other sites.

New users may want to start off downloading a file with 1 or a few seeders and a lot of leechers, then when you have downloaded 5-10% of the file, limit your download speed to a little less then your maximum upload speed, check your client for those options. This way you will upload as much as you download, your ratio will be around 1:1 and your stay at the website is save, it may take a bit longer to download the file but that's just the way it is. It will take some time and patience to overcome the ratio problem and the wait time problem, but it's worth the wait and trouble! You might even consider downloading a file you actually don't want, but that does have the before mentioned conditions, just to get a good start on the site.

Recommended files to start off with are dvdr's, console games and pr0n. Try to immediately get a ratio of above 1:1, so 1:1.5 or 1:2, that way you'll have a buffer for the future. Don't upload too much tho, whatever you upload above 1:1 takes away from somebody elses effords to reach a 1:1 ratio. (some sites will even ban you for seeding too much :/ ). Read the site's FAQ to see how long you'll have to deal with wait times, those are usually connected to your uploaded amount, ratio and membership period. Try to upload enough to get rid of the wait times as soon as possible.

Most new files are uploaded to a lot of sites, so if you are member on 1 site and have a good ratio there, you can download a new file there and then seed that same file on a new site you signed up to or on a site where you have a bad ratio. Go for the latest movies/games. When you have downloaded the file from site 1, go to site 2 and check what format the file is in over there, sometimes it's rar files, sometimes image files or avi/mpg files. Make sure you have the same file format, so unrar if needed (making rars prolly won't work tho). Start the torrent from site 2, wait till you have connected to the tracker and other peers and then stop the torrent. Your bittorrent client has now created the folder where the file would be downloaded. Copy your complete files to the new folder overwriting the existing data, make sure you put the correct files in the correct folders. Then resume/restart your download, your bittorrent client will now check your existing data and find that you have the complete file (sometimes 99.5% or something because you are missing the sample or some other file but that doesnt matter, you'll download the missing 0.5% in no time) and you'll start uploading, raising your ratio and securing your stay on the site. Make sure you have the same files or you might corrupt your own files, or make a copy of them first.


* Bittorrent Error Messages:

'connecting to peers'

Maybe there are no users to connect to. Leave your torrent open and maybe the bittorrent client will connect (it may take some time).

windows cannot find "c:documents and settingsownerlocal settingstemporery internet filescontent.ie5.....

Download the torrent to your hd and launch it from there. Right click on the link and save the torrent to your hard-drive,then open the torrent that is in your hard-drive by double clicking on it.

No space left on device

The client allocates the space needed to store the file on your HD, you get this error when you dont have enough space on your harddrive for bittorrent to fully allocate the file

urlopen error - (7, 'getaddrinfo failed')

This means that the tracker is overloaded, just keep the torrent window open and wait.

temporary internet files content 1.5 xxx don't exist

It is an XP thing, either download the torrent to your hd and launch it from there.. or clear out your temp internet files that will generaly resolve the issue. (XP compresses temp internet files once it reach a certain # of files or 1/2 alloted space that is what causes the error) Just let the torrent run in your client and the client will keep checking the tracker and should resume eventually.

problem getting response info - [errno2] No such file or directory

The directory of C : /// is probably causing your problems, it's most likely a temporary directory that Internet Explorer uses  when you left click on the torrent file. Try right clicking on the .torrent and selecting "save target as". Then save the .torrent file to a directory on your C drive. Keep them all in a folder specifically designed for use with BitTorrent and your life will be much easier. Then when you start your client and you're ready to download the files you can navigate to that special folder and not have to keep searching for where Windows plonks the torrents each time. Clear your temp internet files, then make a dedicated folder for your torrents and try again. Put the dl in the folder you made.  

(IOError - [Errno13] Permission denied)

Sometime bittorrent still runs in the background, and if you start more than one gui (the same torrent) it will give you permission denied, go to Task manager and close down all bt-gui processes.  

rejected by tracker - Your IP is not registered to use this tracker for this file

Probably the tracker is overloaded, so the owner decide to only allow certain IPs to use the tracker, sign up and login on the site/tracker to download this torrent.

Problem connecting to tracker: HTTP Error -1

Leave your torrent running in your client. The client will keep checking the tracker and it should resume eventually.  

Problem connecting with tracker - (10060, 'Operation timed out')

That error means that the server/tracker is down or too busy to process your request.  Just keep trying - leave it ope

<urlopen error (10061, 'Connection refused")>

Just leave your torrent running in your client. The client will keep trying to connect to the tracker. When you're already downloading, just ignore it.

Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error(10055, 'No buffer space available')>

A lot of routes in your routing table (due to a misconfigured router, or misconfigured default route), Lots of stale 

connections in your connection table, Or a lot of data that is pending for sending or receiving on a current connection(s), which can't be sent or received for some reason (destination system dead or unreachable, for example). Opening too many sockets at the same time. Probably don't have enough free space on your hard drive.  

Problem connecting with tracker - (10054,'Connection reset by peer')

This occurs when an established connection is shut down for some reason by the remote computer, just ignore it.

'Problem connecting to tracker. HTTP error 503: service unavailable'

Have you tried using torrentspy to check on the tracker's status? Maybe the tracker is down for a rest or something bad happened

Piece XXX failed hash check, re-downloading it

Bittorent downloaded a wrong packet, so it's redownloading it, just ignore it.  

Connection refused: You are allowed to download from one location at a time

Usually the torrent is already running in another bittorrent session, close all your clients down, hit ctrl+alt+del and end the processes of all remaining active bittorrent clients, then start your torrent again (this usually happens after a client crash)

* thanx to suprnova forum


What to do with .cue/.bin, iso, ccd, img, mds/mdf files or .rar files?

Usually when you download something with Bittorrent, you get the complete file (complete .avi or .mpg file).

Sometimes you'll get a whole buch of files which are about 15 Mb (or 50 Mb for DVDR) per file, usually in 2 or 3 separate folders, with filenames like .rar, .r01 and .r02 or something alike. These are WinRar files. You get these files often when you download a really new movie or game (so called 'scene releases').

Other times you may get a .cue/bin file (burn with Nero) or an iso (Nero), ccd (Clonecd), mds/mdf (Alcohol 120%) or img (Nero/dvddecrypter)

These are image files made by a cdr-burning programs like mentioned above.

Rar files

To extract all the .rar files (.r01 and so on) you downloaded, you'll need WinRar, WinZip or WinAce. Get WinRar from http://www.rarlab.com or from Bittorrent or Kazaalite or another p2p program or source and install it.

Double click on the first .rar file and the WinRar window will open, then hit 'extract' and all the rar files will be extracted to the place on your pc you select. If the WinRar window doesn't pop up, right click one of the files and then select 'open with' and then select WinRar. Now you will be able to open the files and extract them.

Many torrents are released as .rar files, if you want to check the quality of a movie before you download the whole file and no sample/screenshot is available, download 1 complete .rar file (usually 15 or 50 Mb) and play that rar file with VLC media player (free). You'll be able to see a small part of the movie and check the quality of the release by that.

.Cue and .bin files

These files are images made by cdr-burning software like Nero, usually movies or games/apps. You can do 3 things with these files:

1. You can burn them on a cd or as a (s)vcd and then play the movie in a stand alone dvd player on your tv or use it to install the game/app.

Just open Nero or CDRWin (or any other cdburning software that can burn an image file) and select the 'burn from image' option.

Select the .cue file you want to burn, and burn it to a cd or as (s)vcd. After you test the cd and make sure it works, you can delete the .rar files and the .cue and .bin files from your pc.


2. This applies only when the cue and bin file contain a movie. You can play the .bin file with VLC media player (free) and watch the movie on you monitor or use tv-out to send the movie to your tv. Right click the .bin file and select 'open with', then select VLC and you're set.


3A. This applies only when the cue and bin file contain a movie. You can open the .cue and .bin files on your pc with Vcdgear (free) and convert them to a .mpg file.

Then you can watch the movie on you monitor or use tv-out to send the movie to your tv, any media player will play mpg/mpeg files. VCDgear can also extract the rars to cue/bin to mpg in one session.

Start VCDgear.

Click on the 'vcdgear' button.

Set Extraction/Conversion to 'cue/bin-->mpeg'. (or 'rar-->cue/bin-->mpeg'*)

Click 'load' and select the .cue file (or rar file*) that you want to convert.

Select the place on your computer where you want to save the converted mpg file.

Click 'Start'.

* make sure to set the RAR decompressor: in VCDgear go to options --> Directories --> under RAR Decompressor, make sure WinRAR.exe is selected (usually C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe), if not, click the folder icon to the right and find WinRAR.exe on your pc and select it.

When you have successfully converted the .cue and .bin file to .mpg, you can deleted the .cue and .bin file if you don't intent to burn them to cd. (You can also burn the .mpg files as (s)vcd with Nero).

3B. When the cue and bin file contain a game or app, open them with Daemon tools (free) and install the game without burning it to cd.

Open Daemon tools

Click the icon in your system tray and select 'mount image'

Then select the .cue file (or any other image file) and it will be mounted to a virtual drive (which means your pc thinks that it's a cd in a cd player, but in fact it's a .cue/.bin file on your hard drive, opened by Daemon tools and mounted to a virtual drive). Then the autoplay function starts the mounted image file, if not then you can access the files by going to 'My Computer' and selecting the virtual drive there.

If you don't have a virtual drive, you can select to add 1 or more, rightclick the Daemon tools icon in your systray, go to 'set number of devices' and create up till 4 virtual drives. You will have a new drive letter ( G: for example), which is the virtual drive. Open this drive and you will see what would be on the cd if you had burned the image files to a cd. Then just do what you would normally do when you install a game, click the setup.exe and the game will install. If the game works you can delete the .rar files, but keep the .cue/.bin files if you're not sure the game will play without the (virtually mounted) cd or if you want to burn them to cd. If it's a game with more than 1 cd and during setup you're asked to insert the next cd, just mount the .cue/.bin file of the next cd to a virtual drive and resume the setup. You can use the same drive for all cd's. 

Works perfectly and is very easy to do.


How to make your own torrent:

Some clients have a build in torrent maker, check your clients homepage for info.

If not, follow these simple steps:

First find a file you want to make a torrent of. Put that file in a separate folder and give the folder an accurate name (like the name of the movie, it's format (xvid, dvdr), the year it was made), all the files in that folder will be included in the torrent.

Download MakeTorrent and install it.

1. Set MakeTorrent on 'Simple'.

2. Select the files on your computer you want to torrent (ie. K:\Friends\Season 10\episode 1-5).

3. Enter the announce url from the tracker you plan to use (ie. http://trackername:6969/announce).

4. Click 'Create .torrent'.

5. Upload the torrent file to the tracker you used in the announce url.

6. Start your torrent and save it to the same folder you made the torrent of.

7. After checking your existing data, your client will show that you're seeding your torrent.

8. Keep seeding until several other people have completely downloaded the file and are seeding too.


Good luck all!!





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