Diary for my Kayak

After a long time of inactivity I finally picked up the build again. I barely have enough clamps.

After disigning the kayak I printed all molds on paper and cutthem out

and glued them on some rest pieces of mdf and plywood and cut them out with a jig saw.

Now it is just a matter of aligning properly. For this I first checked the largest distance between the top of any mold to the waterline in the disign program. Then for each mold I cut a piece of plywood.Hight in my shed is limited. For this reason I have to make the kayak as close to the fram as possible.This means in effect that I have tilted the boat a bit to reduce the hight. This way I can hoist the projectto the ceiling and still open the door.

Because the wood I will use is left over from the other boat, the thickness is not correct.Therefore I first selected the wood and then thinned it with a planer.

By making 2 routers on a piece of trespa I have created a simple tool to round of one side of eachstrip and creating a hollow side on the other.

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