My 2nd boat

After building my first boat I had some left over wood and epoxy.Off course I couldn't throw that away and not do anything with it. My hands already starteditching and it seemed nice to just build an expedition sea kayak.

I am paddlng in the same polyester kayak since 1987, so I quite well know what kind of kayak I would liketo have. Finding a suitable new kayak was not easy.

On the internet I found the site of Ross Leidy, who had also created Software to design your own kayak.

By using this tool I was able to design a kayak with a very low drag.

Every change in the design shows immediately on the screen.

Very handy in this programm is also that all forms can be printed on actual size on different paper sizes. Before printing you can get an on screen display of all forms to rearange the forms on the most logical way.

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