Building my boat


From measuring a "monument" to a new boat.

After a measuring and lofting training at the school for boatbuilding in October 2005 I started construction of my boat in 2006.


In the forties the Coca Cola company had some sailing ships with whitch they appearantly sailed with guestsalong the US coasts.

These guests, off course, had to be disembarqued every now and then. For this purpose these ships had a 17' sloop on deck.

Of these Herreshof designed and built boats one remains and that one is currnely under restoration in the Netherlands.

Fortunately we had the opportunity to use this boat as a teaching object at the school for boatbuilding.

Not only did we measure the boat, we also made a 1:1 drawing (Lofting) on paper at the same time.

I started work based on thes measures and drawings.


During summer of 2006 I started by making cardboard molds for the frames that I later transferred to plywoodmolds. This didn't have to be new plywood, because it is later removed. This saved some money.

To further reduce cost I also made some tools myself.

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