Start for real

Summer 2006 I still had the possibility to use theformer building of the school for boatbuildingthat had just moved to a new location. Here I could place the molds onto a firm building frame. Because the frame was sturdy enough I was able to attach some wheels so I could move it though the work area to optimizethe work area. Unfortunately new tenants were found and I could not continue my build there.

Fortunately I had had the opportunity to use another work area just before Z-mas 2006, icluding central heating.Just Saturday before X-mas I could convert the empty area into a workshed, including woodrack, workbench, etc.

Unfortunatly some strips had become wet in the temporary storage during fall.But near the central heating this dries fast, and probably I have too much wood anyway, so maybe I don;t even need it.

Within a week the first mahogany plank is fixed and some 17 strips had been glued on.

I have chosen not to build a planked boat, as the original, but to make it a woodcore boat.All strips I use have been worked with a router to create a hollow and rounded side to enlarge the glue surface. I use epoxy resin and hardener as glue.

After three weeks building is starts to look like a boat already.

By using my "third hands" I can glue 4 strips simultaniously. Sometimes a nasty bump appears,but these can be pressed into place before the epoxy has hardened. After the epoxy has hardened the strips stay aligned well.

Because I intend to place an inboard engine I now already indicated the place for the axle on the skeg.

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