Start of the build

In order to build a 17' boat you need a reasonably sizedwork area. If you want to continue building in winter, especially when using epoxy resin, it should also be heated.

Because I had no proper room at first I started prefabricating some parts in my small home shed.

When you have a good set of drawings and accurate measurings a number of items can be prepared, without the need for too much space. Some of these preparations are also quite time consuming, so a coffe machine nearbyis then also very nice.

I started by converting the cardboard molds onto plywood (one side) and then copying this with a router onto the opposite side. By doing this mistakes (??) will be the same on both sides so the boat is straight in the end.

The stirn could also be prepared. I made the stern of three pieces of oak, glued together with waterproof construction glue. The connection for the strips was also cut out already, leaving only minor work to bedone on it during the build.

Also the transom could be made at home. The transome is made of three planks of mahogany. The shape is already cut out on the biggest size (the inner size)

As can be seen on this picture the boat originally also had an inboard engine, but later a piece was cutout of the back to be able to place an outbourd inside. The inboard engine had been removed, but theengine cover was still in place.

At first sight the boat didn't look too bad but expecially near the keel it was in prety bad shape.