August 1998 , a new era of tank simulation was opened by the release of Panzer Commander , a tank sim revolutionair for its time featured good graphics, and even more exceptional for a game of its days a ballistic engine and a vehicle movement engine. Now four years later , although three official patches have been released to bring up the game to good shape and one unnoficial , Panzer Commander is going to stay behind due the enourmous pressure given by the more modern games like IL2 Sturmovik Microprose Gunship2 and Medal of Honour and ofcourse not to forget World War two online.
So aktually it would be nonsens to start a new site for this in computer terms called old game, if it wasn't upgradeble and extendeble I wouldn't have done it, but it is.

About I guess one year a go I started to see how far the limit of this game could be extended, I succeeded and in Februar I brought out my very first patch , Panzer Commander 1_4. I continued and planned my next patch about two months later.Unfortunatly I did not made it and so now here we are again more than five month later but again the patch still isn't there.
But,, now the end of the tunnel is in sight about perhaps two months from now I have finished my patch, Panzer Commander 1_5 my research is done , also because of the help comming from the persons who are making the total succesor of Panzer Commander Pzc2, now I have been able to create a patch much better and larger than I could ever dream of.The graphics are already improved enourmous , even that much that you almost cannot reconize the original game at first sight, even now the screenshots do not show the patch in its full completion, it shows only max 50% of all changes whitch are going to be made to Panzer Commander., I think that after completion it can compete with a new game not yet on the market and still in developement , I don't want to call any names because I don't know if I could get problems with that. What is going to be changed with the patch?
Note that not everything listed here is showed in the screenshots , game is still under developement.

  • Maybe even infantry., you will recieve a confirmation when sure. (CANCELLED DUE SHORTAGE IN TIME)
  • Panther with night vision equipment.(playable)
  • Unlimited support for skins for each vehicle., new ones will be downloadeble like IL2 skins.
  • New graphics, also 24 bit , but with a much higher detail then before, the Pzcdr1_4 patch terrains are no comparison.
  • New vehicles, like the Jagdpanzer IV. (CANCELLED DUE LACK OF LIGHTWAVE KNOWLEDGE)
  • New vehicle skins,also 24 bit.
  • New tracks for the vehicles.
  • New objects like much more houses and other buildings.
  • New high detailled skies.
  • Vehicle limit extenden to about 100 vehicles or more.
  • Not sure yet , a playable anti-tank gun. (CANCELLED DUE LACK OF LIGHTWAVE KNOWLEDGE)
  • Objects limit extended.
  • More detailled forrests.
  • Forrests improved, forrests now do not only consist out of large blocks.
  • More terrain objects , like small bushes and bocages.
  • More detailled and larger trees , no lolly pops sticking out of the ground anymore.
  • Engagementrange will be larger, 2000 meters. ( SET, MORE THAN 2400 meters, and more than 2800 meters of visual range.)