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When you want to submit a scenario or just contact me feel free and do it.
When you own a site yourself, I would like to exchange banners, your site doesn't need to be the exact same ganre..

Why is this site updated? many of you will think, well I wanted to bring a short not on the site to tell you why. I updated the site in the first place because I just didn't liked the loading speed, like you might already experienced the loading time is just horrible long, especially when you own a 32 k modem or less. personly I don't have any problems with the speed because I have a cable connection , but for someone who doesn't,, auch!!!. Anyway , I just wanted to make my site more accesible for everyone. Also I wanted to make my site more versataille , so I added a IL2 Sturmovik section on it, and I am even thinking of a specific section for Panzer Elite, for the ones who like. I personly haven't got that much experience with the game, that's why I am not gonnan maintain that section. So qiute recently I met someone who does play this game very often and creates also his own vehicle for this game, so I offered him to host his stuff he made. anyway, didn't got any reply yet, but you will hear soon if it will come or not. If you have any stuff you like to host here , feel free and send me an email, the requirements aren't large, only it shouldn't be above the 30 mb.

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