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Hey, welcome back at my completely new site.
This time I am not only gonna host Panzer Commander stuff , but also some IL2 stuff and scenario's ofcourse. You might notice not everything is functioning yet or function properly. That's because it is still under construction. The reason for my total rebuilding of my site is simple, the previous site was good, only too bad it was incredibly slow.
That's because I used a web building program wich worked easily , but I did't wrote it clean and ordened.

So I decided to write my whole new page myself and by hand, so what I mean whit that is that I didn't use any programs to write this site.
The result of that is you are on a site wich is nice and tight written, so that means the loading time has increased tremendously , especially compared with my old site.
So when my site loads faster, it is more accesible, and especially for the ones who have a 32.6 k modem. Anyway , I hope you like it. BTW read the next messages below!

Attention please!!!

Hey I hope you are enjoying this site, I need to telly you guys something importand in the matter of this site, this site will not be updated for a few weeks, that's not because I am going to update the site, but everyone needs a holiday , so do I., so that also means that I will not be able to reply any emails , so you can send them , but they will be repleyed when I get back.,
In the meanwhile I have done my best to leave something so you don't have to bore while I am away., haha!!, anyway the result is a 26th Panzer Division career.

06/06/2002 Six new missions are availeble at the IL2 mission section.
09/06/2002 The download section is established.
09/06/2002 A Panther theme is available for download at the downloads section.
09/06/2002 Last phase of operation citadel is added to the Panzer Commander scenario section.
09/06/2002 A great wallpaper of an me 109 G is added, a screenshot from IL2 converted to a wallpaper, ofcourse I have done some or better said much work to get it the way it is now, created with paint shop pro 7.4.
09/06/2002 A new IL2 Mission is added, train defense , and can be found at the IL2 scenario section.
11/06/2002 A new scenario is added , availeble at the Panzer Commander scenario section."Before the siege of Stalingrad."
11/06/2002 A new Me 109 F2 skin has been added, (Own made !!, my very first!!).
12/06/2002 A new Tiger theme is added, check it out at the downloads section.
12/06/2002 A new scenario is added to the Panzer Commander scenario section.( I know I have made less quality scenario's the last time, I don't know why either, my hands didn't do any better, but this time it is again such a great scenario as you are used of me.)
12/06/2002 A new scenario is added to the IL2 scenario section.(Retreating defense, a quite good one I think.)
13/06/2002 Two new scenario's for IL2 sturmovik are added.
13/06/2002 A new wallpaper is added to the downloads section.
13/06/2002 Another four missions are added to the IL2 scenario section.
14/06/2002 The wallpaper is re-added, because last time it was uploaded, buy because one strange reason not availleble.
15/06/2002 A bug fix is added., for the Panzer Commander Before the siege of Stalingrad scenario, wich jammed after starting because of a strange unknown reason.
16/06/2002 The wallpaper is download is changed , now you can download it in a zip package , instead of a right away opeing file. , this saves you lots of time , and me lots of space , at least 1 mb.
16/06/2002 The downloads section is updated.
16/06/2002 A new scenario is added to the IL2 Sturmovik scenario section , using the ME 109 E.
18/06/2002 Sorry , no changes made yet , today I spended many times working at Panzer Commander patch 1_5 , screenshots availleble soon.
19/06/2002 Two links have been added at the links section.
19/06/2002 The articles section is added.
19/06/2002 The first artcile is placed, about Panzer Commander II.
20/06/2002 A new scenario is added to the Panzer Commander scenario section, called Relief of the 6th army.
20/06/2002 The Panzer Commander editor tutorial has been added., man what work to create that all, btw , sorry it ain't ready yet.
21/06/2002 The first Panzer Commander II screenshot is added.
27/06/2002 The Panzer Commander skies pachage V 1.0 has been added to the downloads section.
27/06/2002 The guestbook has been added.
27/06/2002 The FAQ section has been added.
28/06/2002 A new scenario for Panzer Commander has been added.
28/06/2002 A new scenario for Panzer Commander has been added.
28/06/2002 A new Panzer Commander career has been added(26th Panzer Division.)consisting out of 26 scenario's , I hope you will enjoy it., I also created it because I will be off for three weeks, so you have some thing to do while I can't supply you scenario's. haha.
28/06/2002 Three new IL2 scenarios have been added.


Solving the problem with the grey terrain and white skies in the US and British career

In Panzer Commander patch 1.4 are two careers included who support my newly created 24-bit colour terrains.
It looks just about superb , it makes you feel almost own a new game.
But too bad I got lots of mails of people complaining that the career scenario's didn't showed a 24-bit colour terrain instead of that they saw a white sky and a grey terrain. Quite recently I figured out how to solve this bug.
The problem is in the configuration.
When you start up Panzer Commander go to: Main screen(Five buttons : Single scenario,Career menu,Options,Multiplayer,View vehicles)hit the options button =>Options menu(Here you see Seven buttons : Credits,Sound effects and music,Configure keyboard,Configure Joystick,Level of Detail,Simulator Realism,3D Accelerator Settings)Hit the last one : 3D Accellerator Settings=>Here you will see the following screen.:

Next you have to unselect Palettized Textures. Paletized textures is originally ment to prevent Pzcdr to use high textures to make sure your Graphical card doesn't run out of Ram.
Well, anyway, please let me know what you think of my patch, I am quite curious.
For all others who haven't downloaded the patch because they don't play pzcdr anymore, because the graphics are too dark and old.
Please download my patch , it is a major Graphical improvement, take my word.

Best Regards


Any questions? : Mail them to :