Release info

The release info.
Panzer Commander 1_5 , the exact release date is not yet clear , but the probably release date will be about  may 2003 but it is depending on the developement. I am intending to bring out the patch only if it has reached a stage whitch will bring my own full satisfaction.
And I will not bring out any half work just because I am in shortage of time.

The thing that might be interesting to know are the requirements to play Panzer Commander 1_5.

System Requirements
Minimum System Recommended system
Pentium II 333 MHz or AMD K-6equivalent
Windows 95/98/ME/2K
DirectX 8.0
DirectX 8.0 compatible video card
AMD Athlon or Duron 800-1000 Mhz or Intel equivalent.
256 Mb RAM
32 Mb video card
Windows 95/98/me
Used by me
AMD Athlon XP 2000+      512 DDR 333 Mhz                   Ati Radeon 9000pro                  Windows XP Home

AMD Athlon XP 2200+           1024 DDR 333 Mhz                 Geforce 4 Ti 4200 64 Mb         Windows XP Home

Ofcourse many of you will doubt the above numbers because the original game only required the minimum of a 133 Mhz, and a recommended of 166 Mhz, but you should know that my 800 Mhz is already having little trouble when the scenario is getting a bit heavier as the usual Panzer Commander 1_5 Beta scenario's.
The size of the patch.

Now I have A radeon 9000 for Panzer Commander everything goes more easy.
At the moment the patch has a size of around 10,3 mb zipped but the estimated release size will be 40 mb.
This will be too large for some of us who only own a telephone modem.
For those who still want to have that patch but cannot affort to download its cheer size, the patch will also availleble on cd. Ofcourse not for free, but I will only ask for a small refund to cover the costs for the required cd , package and sending it. I expect it to be around the max of $5.- ., but ofcourse this is depending on where you live.