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26th Panzer Division career
A career again , consisting out of 26 missions. enjoy.
NOTE : Also with this career the Panzer Commander sky package is required.
Alex Hakkenberg
Falaise escape
One of the last remanents of the 5th are trying to breech a way through the US defenses.
Alex Hakkenberg
Guten morgen Zhokov
German scenario, about the first entrance of the Tiger. Note , Panzer Commander skypackage , v1.0 has to be installed for playing this scenario properly.
Who else?
Relief of the 6th army
December 1942 , the German 6th army was trapped in a pocked in Stalingrad, now it was facing the Russian 57th and 60th , to free the 6th army group Don was formed and was doing an attck of the side of the Russian 2n guards army.
Alex Hakkenberg
Clash of the Titans
"Clash of the Titans : Russian scenario Tank/AFV type : KV-85 Time : 20:00 Difficulty : High In an attempt to crush the last German resistance to make a one way run for Rokossovsky's plan towards Rzjisev the Russians oversaw one thing the remmanents of Panzergruppe Note , this is one of my best late time scenario's. I know I have made some less the last time , I don't know why but this is again a good one."
Alex Hakkenberg
Before the siege of Stalingrad
You need to download this file either when you want to play this scenario, because of a bug in the original file.
The heavy failures of the Russian offensives in may braught heavy casulties with it. The German tank brigades advanced so fast that neither the Germans or the Russians where able to follow it , the result of this was that at some places the Russians where totally elliminated , but at other places like bends of rivers and other places of resistance the Russians wher totally overseen , and forgotten."
Alex Hakkenberg
Final phase of operation citadel
The front had collapsed, now only small german garnisons where garding the most vital points of the German lines.
Alex Hakkenberg
Tank type Pzkfw VI Tiger II Ausf B Time 15:00 Difficulty Medium This scenario describes one of the last battles fought by the German army.
Alex Hakkenberg
Foolhardy game
Tank type M4A3E8-76 Jumbo Sherman Time 10:00 Difficulty Hard As most of the landings in Normandy went succesfully ,the Americans where now facing a front almost denude of German armor., July 25th Patton's plan went into action , operation Cobra started , eventhough the Us airforce had almost crippled the German ground forces the defense was heavy and the Allies had to fight hard when they wanted this plan to succeed.
Alex Hakkenberg
Panzer Lehr attacks
About the bloody tank battly at the French village Tilly between the German Panzer Lehr and the British 22nd Armored brigade.
Jonathan Fox
Forced halt to epsom
Canadian scenario Tank type Achilles Time 10:00 Difficulty quite high The city of Caen, was without doubt, the greatest major obstacle stopping the advance inland for the allies who were landing in Normandy. The failure to capture the city on D-Day was understandable, but to still not have possession of the city at the beginning of July was becoming unacceptable. Montgomery's reputation was severely damaged, with the American allies demanding the victory needed at Caen to enable the Battle for Normandy to continue to a successful conclusion. My own conclusion , a great scenario with an immense firepower, definetly> do not forget to download it.
Alex Hakkenberg
SU-career scenario's
Tank type SU-85 Time N.A Difficulty N.A 40 scenario's , created last year for my su career , got by the idea to create a SU career because of the stug career of M.Rattur but , he was first with his own SU career, so quitted developing my own SU career , but I still have thos fourty scenario's. So enjoy them. Advice : use the maps for own ceations.
Alex Hakkenberg
Blitz39A1 V1.1
Vehicles required for playing this scenario's
German scenario(Spanish Civil scenario) Version 1.1(UPDATED) Tank type Pzkfw IV Ausf B Time 26:00 Difficulty Moderate The Spanish civil war is dragging on for a long time , by spring the German army was about to help their Allies.
Frontal encirclement
Tank type Pzkfw VI Tiger I Ausf E Time 23:00 Difficulty Medium The Canadian army under the command of general Crerar crossed the Seine at Rouen, and he was responsible for the Allied advance along the channelcoasr , he was ordered to clear up the V-1 Buzz bombs launching bases, and capture the several lovated harbours.No easy job, because Hitler had ordered that every port should become a stronghold, although all German soldieres had this order , some fled immediatly . At dawn september 1st the Canadians moved in dieppe they where recieved with flowers and woman climbing on the vehicles. Oostende instead whas heavily defended , and only fell at september eight , but only at september 15th Oostende was totally safe because of several German attempts to retake Oostend
Alex Hakkenberg